Story Keren CapCut Template

The Story Keren CapCut template is currently the most demanded template on CapCut, which is why the demand for these templates is insanely high. We have provided the top-performing Story Keren templates to meet the user’s needs. If you want to make your video trendy or glowy, you can rely on this template. It comes with mind-blowing and crazy effects. If you are a stylish video lover, check the Thug Love template because it also contains flashy and glowing effects.

Using this template, you can prepare your video with just a few clicks. However, if you are worried about the watermark on the result, use the  CapCut Modified APK on Android and get your edited video without any watermark.

Glowing Light Effect Story Keren Template

This template allows you to use random filters, such as glowing smiley faces and glowing stars. It also adds a vignette touch to your picture, giving it a dark aesthetic.

Red Glowing Light Effect CapCut

With the help of this template, you can turn your picture into a video and then simply add some lighting effects to make it stand out. This can be used by couples and singles.

Aesthetic Vibe Effect CapCut Template

This template will give your videos a smooth touch of a dark aesthetic. It consists of multiple neon lighting effects, which you can apply to your pictures to make them look more aesthetic and give off a cool vibe.

Green Neon Light Effect CapCut Template

With just one click, you can add a bunch of neon light effects to your picture and also make an entire video of it, which includes many transitions and color-grading effects. This effect will make your videos more eye-catching.

Picture Transitions Effect Template

If you want to combine your pictures in just one frame and apply a transition to every picture, you can surely check out this template. It also comes with picture-clicking and zooming effects and much more.

Neon Lighting Effect CapCut Template

Using this template, you can edit a picture of the friends you love the most and then leave the rest of the work to this template. It will apply some filters, which will have lines written on them for friends with a red neon light effect.

Best Friend Effect Story Keren CapCut Template

This template showcases an image of you and your closest friend. You can add a picture and then leave the rest of the work to this template. It includes effects like multicolor neon lighting and words written with neon lighting for friends.

Video Shaking Effects CapCut Template

This world is bitter and sweet. The first half of this template showcases this reality-checking line, and then you can also add your picture and put effects like blinking lights, video shaking, and zooming impacts on it.

Beat Syncing Capcut Template

With the help of this template, you can combine multiple pictures and make just one video with beat syncing and other effects. If you like these kinds of templates, don’t forget to check out our Beat 3 anh Capcut Template.

Reasons for Using Story Keren CapCut Template

We have written down some of the key effects of these templates for your ease:

Neon Lighting Effect

This is one of the most used effects of the current year. Gamers and aesthetic content creators use these kinds of templates to add an aesthetic touch to their videos. This template has many different lighting effects and multiple lighting schemes.

Fast Transitioning Effect

During the astonishing color transformation of the things created with neon lights, we can speed up the process of the transitions in your videos and give them a dark aesthetic touch because of the high vignette effect around the video.

How To Download Story Keren Template

We have allowed our users to use and download the template. If a user wants to use the template only once, we suggest going with the use template option, but if the user wants the template on their device, it is recommended that they download the template so that they can access it at any time.

Follow the three simple steps below to download the trendy Story Keren template.

  • Click on the three dots present on each template.
  • When you hit the three dots, it pops up with available options.
  • Click on “Download,” and the template will be downloaded to your device.
Download story keren CapCut template

How To Use Story Keren Template

  • Download the latest version of the CapCut app from the Play Store or our website.
  • Choose the template you want to edit from above.
  • Click on the “Use Template on CapCut” button.
  • If you are from India, then use a VPN because TikTok is not allowed there. (optional)
  • Select the images and videos that you want to edit.
  • Export the video, and you can share it on your social media platforms.
  • If you want to remove the logo from the video, you can use our modified version of CapCut Android.


With this template, edit the raw pictures that you took in the usual routine. Make some videos using this template for yourself and have some good vibes. You can also use the Healing Thailand CapCut template because this template can help you heal.