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Good video editing software should be a high priority if you are a Macbook user, a professional content creator, a beginner, or love to edit videos. What if we share an app with you in which you can use all the advanced features by doing drag and drop? Please don’t feel under the weather we are sharing with you.

CapCut APK for Mac is our personal favorite, and we use the Android and IOS versions of this app. We are professional video editors, and we have edited our ten projects with this app. It performs very well, and we are impressed because it saves Time, provides advanced features with one click, and is easy to use.

Technical Specifications of CapCut for Mac

App NameCapCut Video Editor
CategoryVideo Players and Editors
Release DateApril 10, 2020
Last UpdateToday
Rating4.7 out of 5
Version3.8.0 (Latest Version)
Device RequiredMacBook
Compatibility for iPhoneiOS 12.0 or later.
Compatibility for iPadiPadOS 12.0 or later.
Compatibility for iPodiOS 12.0 or late
MacOSMacOS 10.14 or Higher
PublisherBytedance Pte. Ltd.
Age Rating12+
In-App Purchase$1.99 or $12.99
Source Apple IOS

CapCut Introduction

Bytedance Pte. Ltd, one of the largest companies in China, developed the CapCut app and released it in April 2020. According to the Wall Street Journal, this app was downloaded more than TikTok in March 2023 and had more than 200 million active users each month.

Bytedance Pte. Ltd is a Chinese company. It is 20% owned by the founder and local investor, 60% by foreign investors, and 20% by employees. This company also owns TikTok, which is why it’s an official TikTok video editor platform.

Capcut APK for mac

Minimum requirements for Mac OS

At this stage, you want to know how to download and use CapCut for MacBook, but before this, you have to know the requirements.

The official CapCut website recommends these requirements, so they are essential. It’s a complete tutorial for you.

Mac Operating System:

CapCut can be used on various Macbook devices, and the officially recommended operating system is MacOS 10.15 or later. MacOS 10.15, named Catalina, was announced on June 3, 2019, and released on October 7, 2019; its recent version is 10.15.7 (19H2026) (July 20, 2022) and supports a 64-bit Intel processor.

After MacOS 10.15, 4 more operating systems came, all supporting 64-bit Intel and ARM[Note 4] processors, and all of them are given below:

MacOSNameProcessorDate AnnouncedRelease DateMost recent version
macOS 10.15Catalina64-bit IntelJune 3, 2019June 3, 201910.15.7 (19H2026)
macOS 11Big Sur4-bit Intel and ARM[Note 4]October 7, 2019June 22, 202011.7.10 (20G1427)
macOS 12Monterey4-bit Intel and ARM[Note 4]November 12, 2020June 7, 202112.7.2 (21G1974)
macOS 13Ventura4-bit Intel and ARM[Note 4]October 25, 2021June 6, 202213.6.3 (22G436)
macOS 14Sonoma4-bit Intel and ARM[Note 4]October 24, 2022June 5, 202314.2.1 (23C71)


A dual-core processor is suitable for running a CapCut application. If you have a high processor, then it’s better. We prefer a 64-bit processor.


4GB RAM is good if you want to run CapCut on your Macbook. If you have 8 GB, then it will increase the performance.


2GB of free storage is enough to use the CapCut application. Storage mainly depends on your work; if you think you have heavy videos, then you will need more storage. This 2GB storage is for the CapCut application.

Graphic Card:

CapCut can work smoothly with built-in Mac graphics. If you want advanced graphics, then you can use a graphic card. According to our experience, The NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090 performs better. It is our suggestion, and you can use any graphic card.


To run a Capct, you should have stable Internet access. You will have to download it, and your whole work will be connected to the Internet.

Download And Installation Method For CapCut APK for Mac

You can download Mac software by following these easy steps:

  • Open the official website of CapCut in the browser.
  • From the menu, go to Download=>Download for Win/Mac and click on it.
  • A new page will open, and a new window will appear. Identify which Mac folder you want to download software from.
  • Downloading will start; if not, then you can click Doble, click the start button, or click the Here option.
Download Capcut APK from official website
  • Install that app according to the instructions on the screen.
  • Open the CapCut application and log in to your account if you have already done so; otherwise, you can download it.
  • Now, you can start editing your project by focusing only on creativity and learning new skills.

Premium Features Of CapCut iOS

Smooth Slow-motion

If you have normal video and you want to convert a whole video or a clip in slow motion, then you can do it in CapCut by following these steps:

  • Create a new project
  • Add your video
  • Change the speed of targeted clips of your video
  • Drag and drop the beats (between 1x to 0.1x) to the lower side of the CapCut speed curve 
  • Save and export the video.


The text-to-speech feature generates auto subtitles or captions. This AI-based feature saves Time, which you can invest in learning new skills. You can also change any text.

Text to Speach

Text-to-speech is also an AI-based new feature of CapCut, and through this, you can generate audio by providing text to CapCut. In this, you can select gender, tone of the speech, and targeted language. CapCut application deals in these languages: English, Korean, Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, Indonesian, Russian, German, Arabic, French, and more.

Green Screen Technology(Chroma Key)

Chroma key is a new and advanced feature of CapCut. It uses green screen technology and can change your video background using color or an image.  

User Friendly UI/UX

CapCut is famous not only because of its features and TikTok but also because of the UI/UX of this app, which is according to the modern demand in which you have to engage your users. The intention span time of Gen Z is 8 seconds, and that of Millennials is 12 seconds. If CapCut is famous these days, then it has an exemplary user interface, colors, and features.

Social Media Sharing

If you edited your video and want to share it directly, you can do so in CapCut by using its built-in social media sharing feature. It allows you to show your work to anyone. 

Quick And Easy Tools:

CapCut provides very advanced features that are easy to use, like drag and drop. Bytedance Pte. Ltd is updating and improving CapCut continuously to get the attention of Gen Z and Millennials in 12 seconds.

Split, Reverse, and Speed Control

If you want to use different effects on the video, you have to cut it into the required clips by using the split function of CapCut. After using the split function, you can reverse any clip, slow the speed of any clip, or fast the speed of any clip.

General features of CapCut Mod APK

CapCut APK also contains many premium and modified features. CapCut Mod APK is only available for Android operating systems.

  • Easy To Use
  • No Watermarks
  • No Ads
  • Cut/Trim
  • Glitch/Zoom Effects
  • Unlimited Filters
  • Effects
  • Key Frames
  • Stylish Fonts
  • Audio Gallery
  • Templates
  • Speed Alteration
  • Blur Effect

Advantages and Disadvantages of using CapCut on Macbook

After using this software for months, we are sharing the advantages and disadvantages of CapCut APK for Macbook.

Things That We Love

  • AI-based features like text-to-speech and speech-to-text.
  • Zoom-in effect is used to make engaging videos for social media.
  • 100+ stylish fonts are provided for you.
  • Thousands of templates are available to make your video attractive.

Things That We Don’t Love

  • Video compression
  • Minimize Video Sharpness

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

The CapCut was released on April 10, 2020.

Yes, you can install CapCut on your Macbook. For that, you have to visit CapCut’s official website and download the application for the Macbook.

You can install CapCut on a PC by using the emulator and make it a CapCut desktop version.

Final Thoughts

If you are a MacBook user and a beginner in video editing, this software is best for you because it is easy to use and has drag-and-drop features. If you are a professional video editor or content creator, you can use your advanced skills to get quality work in a minimum amount of Time.

As a professional video editor, I used it, and it performed very well for me. We got good feedback from clients on all the projects that we have done with the help of CapCut.

We are sharing this information just for educational purposes. This app helped us do our projects more quickly for our clients, and that’s why we are sharing it with you. We are not an affiliate with and don’t own any modified version of this website app. We highly recommend you download the official app from the Apple Store or Android Play Store.