How To Add Keyframes in CapCut

Add Keyframes in CapCut

Editing a video for professional use includes many crucial factors, one of which is keyframes. Many video editing apps allow users to add keyframes, but the most widely used and recommended application is CapCut. It is backed by the same parent company behind the most used video-sharing platform, TikTok. 

Capcut offers many free additional features, including trimming videos, adding overlays, and altering the speed of videos. You can also do the gender swap or old age filters using CapCut. It allows you to download the videos with a watermark. Still, there is good news for editors: they can use CapCut Mod APK with all features unlocked, enabling you to export the videos without any watermark.

Keyframes play an essential part in videos. As video editors can enhance their video quality using keyframes in CapCut, they can add different effects and animations at different video parts with the help of keyframes. In short and easy words, keyframes are specific anchor points in your video that allow you to make particular changes.

Simple Steps To Add Keyframes in CapCut

Follow these steps to add keyframes in your videos using CapCut

  • Download and Install the CapCut app on your device.
  • Open the CapCut app on your device and press the “New Project” button.
  • When you add the video to the video timeline, a vertical line appears, also called the playhead in CapCut.
  • Adjust the position of your playhead according to your needs, and place the playhead where you want your animation or any effect to start.
  • Press the video from the video timeline, and choose your desired animation by exploring available animations.
  • Add the animation, and just above the video timeline, there is a diamond-shaped option called the “Keyframes.”
  • Adjust the animations by pitching your fingers, previewing the final result, and exporting the edited video.

Advanced Keyframe Techniques in CapCut

CapCut also allows you to do advanced things and make basic adjustments when working with keyframes. Some advanced techniques for adding more accurate keyframes are mentioned below:


CapCut allows users to customize their keyframes manually, giving them complete control over the speed and acceleration of keyframe animations in their videos.

Bezier Curves

This video editing app allows its users to apply Bezier curves in their videos. Using this feature you can do seamless transitions between your keyframes and your videos will give a more organic look despite of any keyframes.

Layered Keyframes

Using keyframes in CapCut, we can add different keyframes at different video layers. This feature allows us to make videos with complex animations containing different elements moving simultaneously and independently.

Keyframe Masking

CapCut allows you to add masks to your keyframes, which can help you reduce the effect of keyframes at specific times.


You can add a new and sophisticated touch to your videos by adding keyframes in CapCut. By following the above simple steps, you can master the keyframe skill on CapCut and make your videos stand out. But it’s better to practice more and more and try new things, like adding new animations and features, to ensure your content is worth watching for your users.