Happy Birthday CapCut Template

Your loved one’s birthday date arrives, and you want to make them feel special by sending them a personalized birthday wish video. Happy Birthday, CapCut templates help users wish someone a Happy Birthday. These wishing videos will surely make your loved ones feel unique and valued. Customize the below templates and add some beautiful wish messages.

CapCut templates help save you time and provide a ready-to-send video by adding your images, videos, or text. View the birthday CapCut templates below, choose the one you like most, and customize it to send to your loved ones. Also, try the Anime CapCut template to make your anime face videos.

If you are editing birthday wishes videos on mobile devices, use CapCut Mod APK for Android; it allows you to download the edited video without any watermark.

CapCut Birthday Template For Boy Attitude

Add pictures of yourself and your friend and make a video wishing them a happy birthday. This template has an introduction page that says Happy Birthday then displays your chosen pictures.

Blinking and shaking Birthday CapCut

With the help of this template, you can create a video to celebrate someone’s birthday and make them happy. You can also add blinking lights and video-shaking effects to make the video more heart-touching.

Motivating Birthday CapCut Template

This template allows you to use up to five pictures of yourself to make a video. It also contains a Happy Birthday banner on the front page of the Microsoft Edge browser.

CapCut Birthday Template For Friend

Using this template, you can showcase multiple pictures of yourself and your friends in just one video. Interestingly, this template has a Happy Birthday written design in the form of a clock that rotates at the start of the video.

Cute Happy Birthday CapCut Template

Wish yourself or your loved ones a happy birthday with this cute template. The plus point is that if you are a cat lover, you must use this template, as it has a cat picture in the middle of the video.

CapCut Birthday Template For Girlfriend

If you want to add multiple pictures of you and your friend to this template and make it look like a blast, you can rely on it. It will also give your video a grainy effect for better visualization.

CapCut Birthday Template Aesthetic

This template is for people who give off a relaxed or aesthetic vibe. You can add three images of your choice to this template, and you can also add decent sound to your video with some good effects to make the video more eye-catching.

Happy Birthday Collage Template

Make a collage of the pictures of you and your friend. This template also includes an edit in which Happy Birthday is written on every image, and the sound added in the background of this video gives it more of an attitude vibe.

Artsy Birthday Wishing CapCut

This template is filled with aesthetic touches so you can wish the next person a birthday in a way that will delight him. For more information on how to use these templates, check out our recent blog in the blogs section.

Picture Moving Effect Birthday Template

Use this template to give your videos a smooth aesthetic touch. This template allows you to add a filter of balloons and dreamy effects on the border of the video and a smooth picture-moving impact in the video to make it stand out amongst others.

Happy Birthday Sliding CapCut Template

It is a beautiful and dreamy template for your pictures, making them one of a kind. It has a built-in background where you can add your photos and make them move around, with a lovable sound playing in the background.

Happy Birthday Layout CapCut Template

This template can be used to make a video out of any four pictures of you or your friend. It adds those pictures in the form of a layout and has a beautifully written Happy Birthday to make the other person happy.

Picture Slider Effect Birthday Template

This template includes a picture slider, which shows your picture at the end to reveal who the birthday boy or girl is. If you like these templates, you will love our ICAL CapCut Templates.

CapCut Birthday Template Trending 2024

For using this template, you should have some pictures of you and your friend. Secondly, you need a short video for the starting clip. This template will then combine all of them, put some effects on the video and photos, and make a video for you.

 CapCut Birthday Template Celebration

With the help of this template, you can create a video for yourself or your best friend. This template has a beautiful line written at the start that goes Today is Your Day, and it looks just right. Then, it uses your pictures and adds them to the video.

CapCut Birthday Template For Love

This template allows you to showcase pictures of you and your best friend together. Then, this template simply addresses the arrangement of the clicks, and in the beginning, it adds the names of the songs to wish you a birthday.

Jetha Lal Birthday Wishing Template

You can add one of your pictures to the video using this template. In the video, the comedian Jetha Lal Ji appreciates that it is your Birthday and, most importantly, gives you many good wishes for the upcoming year.

Wishing Birthday CapCut Template

You can surely use this template if you want to use a pre-built layout like this in your video. This template allows you to add two of your pictures to the video and has a beautiful design that will make someone’s day much better.

Birthday Count-Down Template

Add a countdown effect to your Birthday video, and this template also has a background voice that says It’s My Birthday. Then, this template showcases your pictures and adds different effects to the photos to make the video admirable.

How To Download Happy Birthday Template

Many people want to download CapCut’s amazing happy birthday templates on their devices, but they find it difficult. For their ease, we have allowed all users to download the template of their choice.

Just follow the below steps and download the template.

  • Click on the three dots present below the screen of each template.
  • Press the three dots, and it will pop up with available options.
  • Simply click “Download,” and the template will be downloaded to your device.
Download Happyy Birthday CapCut Template

How To Use Happy Birthday CapCut Template

Many people find it difficult and feel confused about how to use the templates, just read the below easy steps and you will do it seamlessly:

  • Download and install the latest version of the CapCut app on your device from either the Google Play Store or a trusted website online.
  • View the above templates and hit the “Use Template on CapCut” button present below the template you choose.
  • It will redirect you to the CapCut app; press on Use Template.
  • Customize the template, and add text, images, or any video you want to add.
  • Preview the final result of the video, export it to your device storage, and share it with your loved ones. Don’t be late!


Using the Happy Birthday CapCut template can make your loved ones feel special, and it also saves you time. This means that by using the CapCut Birthday template, you can make your loved ones happy and save time.