How To Blur Video Background in CapCut (6 Easy Steps)

Blurring is the most common and ethical way to make your videos look more professional. However, if you are new to video editing and don’t know how to do that, relax; this guide will make you experienced, and you will understand how you can blur video background in CapCut easily.

What is CapCut?

CapCut is an all-in-one video editing application. Due to the easily operated interface and presence of multiple built-in features, CapCut has become the most popular free video editing application. According to the Wall Street Journal, Capcut has over 200 million active users each month, and it was downloaded more than the TikTok app in March 2023.

Who Developed CapCut?

CapCut is developed by Bytedance Pte.Ltd, a Chinese company headquartered in Beijing. This company also developed a photo editing app named Hypic- Photo Editor & AI Art.

Bytedance Pte. Ltd is the parent company of Tiktok. The company is owned 20% by the Founder and Chinese investors, 20% by employees, and the remaining 60% by global investors. 

Tips Before Blurring Video Backgrounds

  • Try to film steady video; for this, you should use a tripod or stand. This technique will help maintain video stability and ensure the desired blur background without affecting other parts of the video.
  • If you want an accessible background blur of a video in Capcut, choose a video in which the subject stands out from the background. This practice will keep the subject clear and blur all the background views.
  • When using the Blur effect, choose the shape settings according to the subject’s requirements. For example, you can use a circle, rectangle, or any customized shape.

Steps to Blur Video Background in CapCut

Step 1: Download the Capcut App

Download the CapCut app from a trusted web resource on your Android device. Once it is downloaded, install it. After the installation is successful, open the app and create a new project.

Step 2: Import Your Video 

Click on the “+” button, select the video you want to edit from your device and import it into CapCut.

Step 3: Add the Blur Effect

After you’ve successfully imported your video into CapCut, click on the effects tab and select the “Blur Effect” option.

Step 4: Adjust Blur Settings

After adding the blur effect to your video, you will see a wide range of options to adjust the blur effect. CapCut allows you to make your videos a little or a lot blurry. You can also change the shape and size of the blur. In short, you can make the blur as you desire.

Step 5: Apply Effect

Once you are satisfied with your settings, click the “apply” button to apply the blur effect on your video.

Step 6: Export Video

After the blur effect is applied to your video, you can save and export it. To do so, click on the “export” button and select the resolution and video format you want your video in.

Video Tutorial


Adding a blurred video background in CapCut is easy, and it helps to add a sophisticated touch to your videos. By blurring the video background, you make the main focus of your video stand out, thus making your videos look more professional and exciting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, CapCut offers advanced settings to blur the video background; you can customize the intensity and style of the blur effect according to your desire.

CapCut gives users the option to choose between selective or uniform background blurring based on users’ needs and preferences.

Yes, you can see the real-time background blur effect while editing your video.