Guide To Get 4k Quality on CapCut

Get 4k Quality on CapCut

How do people post superb quality videos on social media platforms? Videos with that Quality capture the viewer’s attention; every creator wants their videos to be the best quality possible. This guide will help you get your videos in 4 K Quality on CapCut.

Videos with 4 K Quality look exceptionally well and capture your viewer’s attention. Many video editing tools are available, but CapCut stands out due to its user-friendly interface and free features, including adding overlays, trimming videos, removing backgrounds, and many more fun features.

You can use CapCut mod APK for an Ad-Free experience, and one more benefit is that you can download your edited video without any watermark.

What is 4k resolution?

We must have heard the 4 K resolution many times, but what exactly does this resolution mean? And why do people discuss getting their images and videos in this resolution? The answer is that this resolution offers images in 4000 px horizontally. If we talk about the exact dimensions, then we can write 3840 x 2160 pixels, and it is one of the best-quality images or videos to be recorded and viewed.

This resolution is best for viewing visuals on large screens. Another advantage of working on a 4 K video is that we have more flexible options. For example, we can crop, zoom, or do more work in specific video parts without affecting the resolution.

Setbacks of 4k Quality

However there are many benefits, but it also has some setbacks, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Your device should contain ample space because the file size of 4k video is enormous.
  • For a seamless editing experience, your device hardware should be robust.
  • Older devices and software are not compatible with 4k videos.

Steps to Get 4k Quality on CapCut

Beginners may find it tricky or daunting, but we made this guide with beginners or professionals in mind. We are sure that this guide will help all newbies learn how to transform their videos into 4 K Quality while using CapCut.

  • First, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of the CapCut app on your device.
  • After successfully adding the video to the timeline, you can use the CapCut features to make your video look incredible and attractive.
  • You can change/remove the background, trim, and add video overlays.
  • Once you are done editing and ready to export, hit the export button in the top right corner.
  • Now, on the export tab, you can see different options; from the available options, select the 4k, which is (3840×2160 px).
  • You can also see one option related to the frame rate; ensure the selected frame rate is 60 fps.
  • After selecting these above settings, hit the export button, and congratulations —you have 4 K of quality in your video using CapCut.
4k quality on Capcut

Tips To Get Better Results with 4k Quality

Below are some tips that video editors should adopt to get optimal results when exporting video in 4k Quality on CapCut:

  • Use high-quality images or videos when you want 4 K Quality. This practice ensures that the edited video can be transferred to resolution.
  • Editing in resolution may be a bit more time-consuming, so be patient.
  • 4 K files are more extensive and require better PC performance, so make sure you have suitable hardware, GPU, and RAM for a seamless editing experience.


After reading the detailed guide, you can edit your videos in 4 K Quality without issues. This guide also highlights the importance of using high-quality videos. So, create a project with 4 K Quality on CapCut and enjoy your editing.