Listen To Me Now CapCut Template

Listen To Me Now CapCut Template

Listen To Me Now is a trending CapCut template created by EdrianC. You may see many videos created using this awesome template. Videos made with this template go viral on TikTok and Instagram reels, and this is one of the best trending CapCut templates. So, if you are looking for this template and want to create an attitude video or special effects video, you can make it using this “Listen To Me Now” CapCut template. We have listed top-performing templates.

Professional or beginner video editors who want to use CapCut without any watermark or want an Ads-free editing experience can use CapCut Mod APK and enjoy video editing. You can also use the Camera Lenta CapCut template to enhance your videos.

Pinching and Sliding Effect Template

If you want to add a sliding and pinching image effect to your videos, then this template is just for you. This effect makes your video look more attractive.

Listen To Me Now Music Filter CapCut Template

This template allows you to add an editor layout to your video to make it look like you edited it yourself rather than using a template. It also adds a picture-removing effect, which looks fantastic.

Lyrics and Flashy Effect CapCut Template

Using this template, you can easily add a flashy and distorted effect to your videos. It also adds a transition between the videos that include a smiley emoji and a heart emoji.

Anime and Multiple Effects CapCut Template

You can add your picture as an anime character using this template. It also adds some shapes to make it look creative in the end, and it adds multiple effects, like starry and heart cut effects.

Ashley Transitions Effect CapCut Template

You can use this template to add the Ashley Look at Me song to your video and some of your clips to make it a video. It also adds a slow-motion effect to your video.

Images Cutout Effect Listen To Me Now Template

You can use this template to cut out some pictures from your video like they were printed pictures. You cut them roughly, which also makes it look aesthetic.

Editing and Picture Cutting Effect

This template allows you to use the editor page you get while editing your video. It then zooms slightly into your picture, and a red line runs down it while it has been torn in half.

Picture in Bar Rolling Effect CapCut Template

With the help of this template, you can display two images in the same video. One video hides some of the picture’s content and also shows some of its content, and at the end, you can add any other image you want.

Features of Listen To Me Now Template

Listen to me now: the CapCut template provides a wide range of additional features to its users. Some of the features are mentioned below:

Import Audio

This template allows editors to add their favorite audio or song so that their videos have the desired audio.


You can also integrate songs or music into different parts of the video if you are using this template.


One thing that makes this template a super hit is its customization options. You can use this template for different types of videos because we can customize everything in a video while using the Listen To Me Now CapCut template.

How To Download Listen To Me Now Template

You can download any of the templates above because many people also want to download instead of just using a template. Follow the simple and easy steps below to download the template to your device.

Follow these steps and download the template.

  • Click on the three dots present on each template.
  • Press the three dots, and it will pop up with available options.
  • Click on “Download,” and the template will be downloaded to your device.
Download Listen To Me Now Template

How To Use Listen To Me Now CapCut Template

Here are a few easy steps to use this awesome trending CapCut Template.

  • Download and Install CapCut on your device.
  • From the top Templates, choose one you would like to edit.
  • After making your decision, click on “Use Template on CapCut.” It will redirect you to the CapCut App.
  • Select the photos you want to add to the video.
  • Preview your edits, export the edited video to your device, and share it on social media platforms to get viral.


Listen To Me Now is a top-trending CapCut template used by many creators to go viral on CapCut. Whether you are using CapCut on PC, Android, or iOS devices, you can easily use this template by adding your photos. There are many other CapCut templates with distinct features. It is also suggested that you view the Beat 3 Anh CapCut template to add additional effects to your videos.